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Benin City – ln order to ensure that the Edo state justice system remains robust, transparent and equitable for all, the state Ministry of Justice on Tuesday in Benin city organized one day training workshop with the theme “Relevance and Admissibility of Electrically Generated Evidence and Emerging Trends in Admissibility of Documents” for its State Counsels.

In an opening remarks at the event the state Attorney – General and Commissioner for Justice, Oluwole Osaze – Uzzi ( Esq) told the participants that the main focus of the training is how to uphold the principles of justice and fairness in the law practice by embracing innovation and staying informed about the latest developments in electronics evidence .

Stating that understanding electronic evidence would afford the participants the opportunity to increase and gain more knowledge about the nature and types of electronic evidence such as social media post and digital documents,the learned commissioner urged the participants to embank on this journey of learning and discovery with the shared goal of advancing the cause of justice in Edo state.

Reflecting on challenges and solutions, the state Attorney – General maintained that the workshop would help to identify challenges in admitting electronic evidence and discussing strategies to overcome issues like authenticity and integrity while the emerging trends would highlights recent developments and emerging trends in admissibility of documents that will take cognizance of technological advancements and their impacts on legal proceedings.

Giving an insight on interactive discussions Mr Osaze – Uzzi ( Esq) averred that this would encourage participants to engage in discussions about their understanding of the subject matter and foster a deeper appreciation on the complexities involved in admitting various forms of evidence, adding that Networking opportunities would create platform for participants to connect with experts in the field of evidence thereby facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.

On resource material, he said this would provide participants with the relevant resources on the subject matter such as case studies, lecture notes and legal references that will aid them in their continuous learning.

The one day meet was organized by the state ministry of justice in collaboration with forum against COUNTERFEITING and PUNAKA ATTORNEYS AND SOLICITORS.

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